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Where Dedication Meets Delegation


“Where dedication meets delegation.”

Leadership Connection is a special time set aside on two Saturday mornings each year for the Staff and Leadership of WLCC to connect with YOU, and together, refocus on our 3-directional Get Connected vision: upward, inward and outward! We want to report to you our progress, as well as share with you our forward-vision of getting more people connected with God, with Us, and with Purpose. We look forward to honoring our MVP LIFE Team members and celebrating all of our united efforts. Most importantly, Leadership Connection is designed to inspire and equip you to move to the next level in your God-given purpose.

The next Leadership Connection will be held in

October 10, 2020

9:00 am-12:00 pm

We are committed to multiplying and investing in our leaders. If you are ready to be a part of this seminar, click the link below to register.

For more information, email Carol Allen, Director of Member Services at