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May 23,2020

Dear Church Family,

We want to share with you a brief update and give you a “heads up” regarding our plans to reopen in-person church services here at Word of Life Christian Center.

In obedience to the instructions from God’s Word to be subject to civic authority (Romans13), we have respected and cooperated with the mandates of President Trump and Governor Sisolak to “shelter in place” and we have worked hard to temporarily move our church services online and utilize all of the virtual platforms available to serve our congregation and our community. We genuinely appreciate all of the efforts and sacrifices that have been made, particularly by Nevadans, to prevent a widespread outbreak of Covid-19, and to mitigate the number of deaths related to the virus.

As Governor Sisolak began to implement Phase 1 of the reopening plan for Nevada, and some of the restrictions were lifted for “non-essential” businesses, we joined with approximately 200 pastors of churches in Nevada, in writing and signing a letter to the Governor, explaining why churches are essential, even during a pandemic, and requesting that his ban on in-person church services also be lifted, provided that CDC recommendations for sanitation and social distancing are observed. So far, he has not agreed to lift the in-person church ban in Phase 1, but he recently announced that he would talk about Phase 2 in a press conference this Tuesday, May, 26th. We are hopeful that our collaborative petition, along with the President’s announcement on Friday, will have an affect on his decisions going forward. If churches are unfairly singled out with restrictions, we will continue to take necessary steps to defend our Constitutional rights.

Meanwhile, we have been diligently working on preparations to hold in-person services safely and efficiently, following the updated CDC Interim Guidelines for Communities of Faith. We are not ready to open the church doors immediately. We are hoping to reopen the first or second Sunday in June, as long as the Covid-19 threat continues to subside, and state regulations are resolved.

Please be assured that we take our responsibility to provide a safe environment seriously. We have held several staff meetings discussing all the particular adjustments we need to make, and we have been in touch with leaders of churches in other states that are successfully making the transition, and have received valuable advice from them. We have ordered special equipment to implement the best sanitation measures possible, and we have established social distancing policies, including limiting the number of attendees to less than 50% capacity for each church service. We will soon be sending you a copy of our written guidelines for your review, and providing training for our volunteers.

We encourage you to join us in praying regularly for all those in authority according to 1 Timothy 2:1-3, and during this Covid-19 pandemic, let’s be all the more fervent in prayer for our federal, state and local government officials, as well as those in spiritual leadership. Their jobs are difficult under the best of circumstances; how much more do they need our prayers for strength and wisdom as they make critical decisions regarding our safety and welfare, during these unprecedented times?

On this Memorial Day weekend, as we pause to express gratitude for our many heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms, we also want to express appreciation for our President’s support of our religious freedom and his acknowledgment of our nation’s need for more prayer! We are thankful for President Trump’s announcement on Friday that houses of worship are essential!

We look forward with great anticipation to reopening and celebrating with you! Until then please continue worshipping with us online!

Sincerely In Christ,

Pastors David & Vicki